The Family

It has been proven that learning happens better when the family is involved.


Parents/Grandparents – College Kids – Kids.


Bring them together to learn and outcomes will increase for all participants.


Our communities, workplace and country will all benefit by using technology to bring generations together.

The Peers

Using the same gameplay as Minecraft and Fortnite, we have created a kid-driven, game-based community where kids want to play and learn and compete with one another.

In the game, kids and their family members learn and collaborate with their peers from around the world as they learn the 21st century skills of Entrepreneurship, Civics and increasing their health, character and financial Worth.

They are able to start their own family businesses and even other virtual businesses where they can apply the skills they are learning.

The College Coaches

We recruit the best US college students who coach a team of 100-500 students from around the world. They spend a minimum of one hour a day helping the kids engage in the game and contribute to the success of the team as it competes with other teams around the world.

They are there to give the student support and encouragement in everything they do. They make the student feel important and help them understand how to increase their Worth.

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The American University & High School Diploma

Each year the students (and family members) will be challenged to earn the next level of the Certificate of Global Leadership offered by a US Post-Secondary Institution.

Students will also have an option to add the US High School Diploma track in 9th grade which will allow them to graduate with both a Chinese and US high school diploma with only about an hour of extra school work per day and a fraction of the cost.

The Sponsors

The corporate, government and non-profit sponsors will participate in the following ways:

  • Become an integrated component in educational and training experiences families are having on a daily basis on how to be successful.
  • This is much more than a banner or print ad or social media campaign. This is real engagement. The brand participation becomes an integral part of the learning experience involving these families. Participating families will become healthier, wealthier and wiser and when they do, they all gain a better life for themselves and the generations to come – the brand will be a part of their success.
  • The sponsor, in addition to the branding benefits, will have tremendous opportunity to provide coupons for rewards or other methods of brand engagement using the data from the wearables and blockchain technologies.
  • The sponsor will also be involved in curriculum design and content. We do this to ensure that what is being taught aligns with the optimal objectives.
  • The target number of family members is 100 million around the world, each learning daily and generating data that when uploaded or inputted to the game, energizes their avatar which makes them stronger. They log in to the game at least 3 – 5 times a week to complete other learning activities and compete in the current leg of the race.