How Does it Work?

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Harvard Published Study on Our learning platform

We were hired by the US Dept of Justice to create a digital literacy curriculum in our game that would motivate the kids to learn and master Internet safety, security, ethics and balance – all with no classroom time or teachers.

With over 2 million kids completing the certification and 1.3 million of their parents participating – we proved our platform could motivate primary school age kids to learn anything – even those things they are not normally interested in.

As Harvard did the research, they gathered the data and published a paper of the findings.

Harvard Woogi 2014 Feasibility Study published paper (pdf)Download

What do the Kids Learn?

  • Learn how to Create Wealth
  • Learn how to be Healthy
  • Learn good Character
  • Connect family generations and leverage their life experience – adults to kids and kids to adults
  • Learn to Serve
  • Learn the “better way” of doing things, ie the “new Entrepreneurship”, 21st century financial literacy
  • Earn certificates from US post-secondary institutions
  • Learn critical 21st century skills
  • Learn to Lead
  • Connect kids with other kids around the world and learn Cultural Understanding, English and other languages
  • Kids can compete in many different global competitions
  • Create a global network of peers and learn about different cultures
  • Create opportunities to earn real money in a real business
  • Your kids can apply what they are learning in school in the real world

We are currently testing some blockchain technologies that will allow families who learn together to earn actual equity in GlobalU and participate as a shareholder in their own school – now that’s motivation – stay tuned!