Its All About Opportunity

An International Education for ALL Kids


An international education is a requirement for today’s students

Most students around the world are not getting it

77% of parents are willing to pay for it

Traditional international education is far too expensive for most families

GlobalU can provide an international education supplement starting in Primary school for a fraction of the cost – affordable international education for all

$360/year delivers 21st century skills – global leadership – health, wealth and character training – with daily mentoring by a US college student – all delivered before the student starts High School

While we deliver this world leading education – we reverse the effects of “technology overload” and help the students live a more balanced and active life with real connection to parents, grandparents and good peers

Your Child is our Mission

How Does it work?

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We’ve taught millions of kids around the world and are ready and excited to help your child be successful

We believe in a world of Abundance.

We believe that every child should have an opportunity to achieve their dreams through effective education.

We believe that technology and the rapidly growing middle class are creating opportunities the world has never seen before.

We believe that if you ignite a desire to learn in a child – they will learn exponentially more than if they are being “forced to learn” things that are not “relevant” to them.

We believe our platform can make all this happen on massively global scale.

How Does it Work for Kids?

We’ve taken the gameplay mechanics of the worlds greatest games such as Minecraft and Fortnite and created a learning version of those games that motivates kids to learn while they earn.

Over the past 10 years with over $10 million invested, we have created a kid-driven, game-based learning platform that has been used by millions of kids around the world.

We are global leaders – we’ve been hired by great companies and governments to help kids learn the life-skills of success.